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About Us

About Us

A community where positive change happens

We warmly invite you to join our safe, friendly community.

We Connect is an innovative online platform giving you a variety of tools and support to help you look after your emotional and mental wellbeing. All of our services are free.

Our Wellbeing Hub is full of expert articles, videos and podcasts to assist you with prioritising your overall wellbeing.

We offer guidance on a wide range of topics in our Emotional and Mental Wellbeing section.

Our Health and Fitness section features healthy living guidance, along with regular online classes in Pilates, yoga and more, as well as pain management resources.

Our Active Ageing section contains tailored wellbeing advice for our older community members.

If you have concerns about your wellbeing, our "Hear to Help" Helpline Service is available to offer you more immediate support. We also operate a Legal Aid Service

Create positive change around you by sharing your story in our Community Hub. You can also comment on any of our content throughout the site.

Visit our Arts and Culture Hub to uplift your day. With a wealth of absorbing content to read and watch by leading minds, the Arts and Culture Hub is designed to help you engage and expand your mind and spirit.

Our Mission

We Connect is a positive, safe online space where people across Malta and Gozo can come together as a community to prioritise their wellbeing and find happiness in every day.

Our Vision

To provide expert wellbeing guidance and the chance for people to become part of a supportive community, combined with enriching access to educational, arts and cultural experiences.

Our Goal

To empower our community members with free, unlimited access to a wide range of services, tools and opportunities designed to help with uplifting emotional and mental wellbeing and combatting loneliness.

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