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Welcome to our Helpline Service

We are "Hear to Help" Your Wellbeing

If you need direct support with your emotional or mental wellbeing you can chat with a Wellbeing Guide via our "Hear to Help" Helpline on +356 9932 0977. This free service is available Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm.

We encourage you to visit our Wellbeing Hub to access expert guidance on looking after all aspects of your wellbeing.

We understand how detrimental dealing with legal issues can be to your wellbeing. If you have legal concerns, particularly in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, please scroll down to learn about our free Legal Aid Service.

"Hear To Help" Helpline

Call our "Hear to Help" Helpline on +356 9932 0977

To speak to someone about your wellbeing concerns, call our "Hear to Help" Helpline on +356 9932 0977. This confidential helpline is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm.

Our Helpline Wellbeing Guides will listen to your concerns, and will potentially refer you to one of our partner psychologists, psychiatrists or psychotherapists for an initial assessment and ongoing support, all via phone or Skype.

This is a free service. Normal tariffs apply for the cost of the phone call. 

We ask anyone with a pre-exisiting mental health condition to carry on with their treatment plan and contact their healthcare professionals.

We are also here for you if you need immediate support with access to items such as food, clothing and household goods. Contact the "Hear to Help" Helpline and we will speak to our networks to arrange the help you need. 

The "Hear to Help" Helpline is not an emergency service. We have included some useful contact numbers below:

Emergency Services - Ambulance, Fire and Police: 112

National COVID-19 Helpline: 111

You can also use the 111 helpline above to request support from a physiotherapist as part of the Directorate Allied Health Care Services TELEHEALTH Campaign. 

National Helpline - Supportline 179: 179

Crisis Intervention Team: +356 2545 3950

Narcotics Anonymous: +356 7946 6566

Public Health Authorities: [email protected]

Malta Enterprise: 144 or [email protected]

"Hear to Help" Helpline Feedback

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Free Legal Aid Service

Assisting With Your Legal Concerns

The FIDEM Charity Foundation has arranged to partner with legal experts in order to assist the We Connect community with their legal concerns. Our Legal Aid Service is free.

FIDEM's Founder, Dr. Sabine Agius Cabourdin, is a lawyer by profession, and will be answering your questions in collaboration with our Legal Aid Contributors.

We understand that dealing with legal issues can cause stress and anxiety, particularly related to these challenging times living with the COVID-19 pandemic, and we want to support you. We are also happy to answer questions about other legal issues you need assistance with. 

Please fill in the contact form below to submit your question to our legal experts.

Legal Aid Service Contact Form

Submit your question for our legal experts using the form below. We will respond to you directly via e-mail. We aim to respond to questions within 48 hours.