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Emotional &
Mental Wellbeing

Uplift Your Emotional & Mental Wellbeing

Expert Guidance to Support Your Emotional & Mental Wellbeing

Looking after our emotional and mental wellbeing is an integral part of keeping healthy and happy.

Just as we look after our bodies through exercise and healthy eating, we need to give our minds the same amount of regular, targeted care to ensure that we keep on top of our mental health.

We Connect has been set up during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is an unprecedented time we are living through, and we recognise that a lot of people will need help with their emotional and mental wellbeing during this period.

If you require direct support, please contact us through our "Hear to Help" Helpline Service.

Mental wellbeing and physical wellbeing are intricately linked. After you have explored this Emotional and Mental Wellbeing section, visit Health and Fitness to find out how you can use tools like regular exercise to relieve stress and anxiety, and join in with our online exercise classes.

You can also visit We Arts to further focus on your overall wellbeing by uplifting and engaging your mind and spirit. 

Browse the articles, videos and podcasts below from our expert contributors to find positive approaches to self-care that can work for you.