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Physical Not Social Distancing

The norms of our household changed overnight with the coronavirus. This is the case for the vast majority of families. In our case, the toughest part has been social distancing. 

Initially, my girls were amused that we have no school. This novelty wore off, and soon enough they were missing their friends, jokes shared in class, break time and the comradeship between their peers. Being part of a dance team, playing tennis and competing...

We have learnt that we do not need to be social distant, but only physically distant. So whenever we can we keep in touch via a call, social media or a quick visit on the pavement outside their homes.

I feel it is important that we do not social distance in a time where some people need to share their worries, but only physically distance ourselves. 

So, every now and again, call or message someone you haven't seen in a while. Humans were never intended to be alone... communicating with someone means you are thinking of them, and can brighten anyone's day.

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