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How To Deal with Anxiety and Panic Attacks

I totally sympathise with people who suffer from this disorder, for some it's chronic, for others it happens during a stressful time. I feel the need to write this because for those who are experiencing it, the feeling is a scary one. Something to keep in mind which calms oneself down during an attack is being aware of what is happening to oneself, and being reassured that it's controllable and all in the mind.

My experience during this time is one that I won't forget, however it made me mentally strong and taught me how emotions can trigger things in the body and mind. Experiencing a panic attack comes in many different ways, some may suddenly feel a state of panic, dry mouth, racing heart, pins and needles, and shortness of breath. The sensation is horrible and you really need to be aware that you are experiencing a panic attack and try to keep calm and not let it take over. 

For me, I was very unfortunate, when I experienced it I had just become a mother so I was deprived of my sleep and suddenly I started suffering from insomnia, which caused me a lot of stress worrying that I wasnt sleeping. This occurred 16 years ago, I had no idea what panic attacks were, I know I was feeling this funny sensation and I thought I was going mad.

I went to psychiatrists and psychologists, and even though they helped me they didn't give me the answer I was looking for. Through self-analysis, I noticed my symptoms and what triggered them off, I also noticed it was all in the mind and that the fear of not sleeping was what was triggering it off. 

So I wanted to try to not be afraid of the attack when it was starting off, not fearing it is one of the best things, it takes a lot of mind control, usually doing chores or going for a walk and breathing keeping in mind that it will soon pass and you cannot die from it, really helps.

People who never experienced an attack will not understand what one is going through, and this is the reason why I really feel the need to give a shout out to anybody suffering from this horrible moment. 

Don't fear it, ride through it, it's something which comes and goes, and try to find out what the cause of it is. Try to do some exercise and don't let it stop you from going out or meeting people as that is what it does.

Fight through it, confront your fear and beat it, just like I did. 


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