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"Art is as natural as sunshine, and as vital as nourishment" - Mary Ann F. Kohl

We believe that engaging in arts and culture can be beneficial to our overall wellbeing. Since its inception, the FIDEM Charity Foundation has used access to arts and culture as a powerful tool to help the people we work with find positive change in their lives.

With this approach in mind, We Connect is committed to publishing an exciting, ever expanding range of arts and cultural content to keep you inspired and fulfilled. 

Discover a myriad of thought provoking beauty on an uplifting journey with some of Malta's leading arts and culture experts.

Arts & Culture Articles

Story -
11 Nov

Story - "The Girl and the Giants"

Enjoy this traditional story about a young girl who is captured by a giantess whilst unknowingly trespassing in her field.
Napoleon and
30 Sep

Napoleon and "His" Islands

Realising that in a few months’ time the 200th anniversary of Napoleon’s death will certainly be marked, I mused on how important some islands have been to this man.
Poetry -
01 Sep

Poetry - "Never Again"

Maria Theresa of Habsburg - a Sovereign of Great Power and Resilience
30 Jul

Maria Theresa of Habsburg - a Sovereign of Great Power and Resilience

I think it is better to refer to this lady by her family name. This is because she had so many titles they would fill a whole page. She was the only female sovereign that Austria ever had.
A Tribute to Beethoven on the 250th Anniversary of his Birth
01 Jul

A Tribute to Beethoven on the 250th Anniversary of his Birth

The exact date of Ludwig van Beethoven's birth is unknown. He was born in Bonn and his christening is documented on 17th December 1770. Bonn was in the territory of the electorate of Cologne, ruled by a Prince Archbishop, who was one of three such prelates who could vote in Imperial elections of the Holy Roman Empire.
Joseph Casha, Maltese Sculptor
22 Jun

Joseph Casha, Maltese Sculptor

In Attard, opposite St. Catherine’s Residential Home, there is a monument commemorating Pope John Paul II’s visit to Malta in 1990. This is the work of Maltese sculptor Joseph Casha. It consists of a bronze bust of the pope, a remarkable likeness, placed in a large stone abstract form.
The Political Power of Music
19 Jun

The Political Power of Music

I suppose many of us are old enough to remember the 1960s and the protest movements against racial and social inequality and opposition to the war in Vietnam, which swept across the USA and eventually, gathered support all over the world.
Protagonists of Twentieth Century Art in Malta
12 Jun

Protagonists of Twentieth Century Art in Malta

In the coming months, I shall be discussing a selection of works done by a number of Maltese artists who have, through their art, made an impact in the twentieth century. Malta has a good number of these.
03 Jun

Revealing "Allegory of the Four Elements" - Four Paintings from a Private Collection

Giuseppe Calì is a Maltese artist, born in Valletta on the 14th August 1846, and is originally of Neapolitan descent. Calì was one of the most prolific artists on the island during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, as he executed his works with a precision that was admirable for the haste with which he worked.
Exclusive Preview of a Private Collection Painting - Discover
29 May

Exclusive Preview of a Private Collection Painting - Discover "Saint Sebastian" by Mattia Preti

This exclusive preview of "Saint Sebastian" by Mattia Preti is the first in a series in which we will present and discuss significant Baroque paintings of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, with particular reference to the Italian and Maltese context.
Saint-Emilion - Stones and Wine
21 May

Saint-Emilion - Stones and Wine

Few people are aware that before Saint-Emilion became famous for its great wines, the region had already established a European wide reputation for excellence in other spheres of life, which in no small way have given a contribution to the Saint-Emilion and the wines that we know today.
Music and Wine
11 May

Music and Wine

A recent conversation with a musician and friend of mine, Romeo Giacomotto, on the subject of the accessibility and appreciation of classical music, or rather the lack of it, inspired me to write this.
Giuseppe Calì’s Private Works – The Man and Artist
04 May

Giuseppe Calì’s Private Works – The Man and Artist

Born in Malta on 14th August 1846, Giuseppe Calì was the son of the Neapolitan Raffaele and Giovanna née Padiglione. He was baptised at the Dominican Parish Church of Porto Salvo in Valletta, where as a young boy he resided with his parents and his other six siblings.
The Carnival of the Animals
01 May

The Carnival of the Animals

Music is an integral part of our lives. There is music for all occasions: sacred music in church, or during a religious procession. Music could be performed and sung during happy occasions such as a wedding, and less happy occasions such as a funeral.